Don't Stress About an Extraction

Don't Stress About an Extraction

We perform expert tooth extractions in Grand Junction and Montrose, CO

There are many reasons you may need to have a tooth extracted. If ever the time comes, InsuraCaid Dental is here to make the process as painless as possible. If your mouth is overcrowded or your wisdom teeth have become impacted, turn to our local dentist. We offer convenient tooth extraction services in Montrose and Grand Junction, CO.

Call 970-249-1543 today to make a tooth extraction appointment.

You can’t afford to put off oral surgery when you need a tooth extraction. Contact InsuraCaid Dental in Grand Junction or Montrose, CO if:

  • You’re dealing with severe tooth pain
  • Your permanent tooth is loose
  • Your teeth are overcrowded
  • You have an infected tooth
  • Your gums are swollen

Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Call a local dentist right away to schedule an appointment.